The future of security is here

Our experts future-proof and enhance your security operations by providing advanced airborne solutions that protect property, critical assets and infrastructure.

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Respond to threats quickly

Certified and experienced professional enterprise pilots, together with sophisticated airborne monitoring technology and equipment, ensure the highest level of protection.

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Track and trace ground-based targets

Fleet administration includes the latest multi-rotor machines and Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) hybrid aircraft and related surveillance/response systems.

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A technically-advanced layer of protection in the sky


Drone patrols can monitor large areas and reach potential threats quickly.

High Resolution Video

Our equipment provides and records high-resolution images in real time.

Evidence and Analysis

Video recordings can be used in evidence gathering or for analysis and preventative forecasting.

Safe Distance

Classify security risks and threats from a safe distance.

Target Tracking

Targets like vehicles and people can be tracked and monitored.

Live Data Feeds

Live data feeds can be relayed to security personnel on the ground.

Spot Land Invasions

Aerial surveillance makes it easier to spot potential land invasions on large sites.

Night Vision

Thermal cameras deliver excellent night vision – even in total darkness.

No Physical Confrontation

Deter threats without physical confrontation by security personnel.

Automated Perimeter Patrols

Automated perimeter patrols ensure accurate coverage at all vulnerable areas, for example those that are distant or remote.



Air-to-ground coordination gets security resources where they are most needed.

Rapid Deployment

Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) are in the sky quickly and typically reach targets the fastest when responding.


Why Sky Guard?

Sky Guard is licenced by the South African Civil Aviation Authority and complies with all commercial enterprise drone regulations. Our drone operations are fully insured against, loss, injury and public liability;

The company is certified for night operations and has industry-leading experience operating in controlled airspace (within close proximity to airports).

All Sky Guard pilots are experienced, professional, reliable and licenced.

Our rapid deployment security drones are in the air quickly and are first responder-ready.

We can administer the operation of fleets of all sizes, including the latest multi-rotor machines and Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) fixed-wing aircraft and related ground-based control and surveillance/response systems.

Sky Guard teams integrate with existing security operations and are able to tailor scalable services to exactly match requirements.



Property Developments

Residential and commercial.

Building and Construction

Site and perimeter security ensuring rapid response.

Independent Security Companies

We integrate tightly with existing operations.

Mining, Industrial and Manufacturing

Large site security solutions.

Public Sector

Public-Private partnerships across many verticals.

Farming and Rural Facilities

Comprehensive coverage of large areas.

The process


  • Consultation - our expert team consults with you to understand your challenges, improve security, reduce risk and achieve cost-efficient airborne security solutions;
  • Risk Assessment - Safety is at the forefront of all our operations and with this in mind we design solutions mitigating against all risks on the ground and in the air;
  • Planning - we work closely with security teams to implement the most effective combined security operations – from the control room and mobile ground patrols to the flight line and aerial patrol routes;
  • Deployment - our pilots, observers and management team deploy the latest high-tech equipment and use their expertise to ensure the highest level of performance, protection and regulatory compliance.